​​​​​Creating synergies with different creatives and directors to develop set design proposals... and engaging in speculative journeys about notions of space, body and performance, during coffee breaks!                              
 keep in touch:    +44 07766102335

Collaborations with Set Designers: Will Potts, Francis O'Connor, Sámal Blak, Douglas O'Connell, Miriam Buether, Patrick Connellan.

Master's degree Design for Perfomance, Royal Welsh College Music&Drama, 2017 (Scholarship - Gulbenkian Foundation)
Licenciate degree in Scenography, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, 2014
Stevie Awards 2012 Live Event Awards Category Stevie: T-Jays Holographic Concert
2012 Creative Industries Award - University of Coimbra
2010 CCP Gold Award - Motion Graphics: RTP Idents
2009 CCP Silver Award - Motion Graphics: Neo Pop Festival
2009 CCP Silver Award - 3D Illustration
2009 Digital Artist Awards - 3D Illustration - LONDON
2008 CCP Silver Award - 3D Illustration
2008 CCP Gold Award - Nokia

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